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Digital Marketing Mistakes Malaysia – Event Experts Make Them!

New marketers treat all Malaysians as one, but good digital marketing understands that there are many different Malaysian behaviours.

The one most common mistake Digital Marketers in Malaysia make is assuming that English works well to target the market in general. In reality, the market is far from being a fixed audience. We all know Facebook has caused a dramatic shift in the way news and exposure is done and people form their own bubbles of information and news.

The distinct difference this makes in Malaysia is that groups of users on Facebook experience it very differently especially in terms of language. If you plan to target your audiences, and create an accurate Audience Persona, the correct way is to take their psychosocial factors and how they experience Facebook into consideration.


1. Failing to Understand Your Audience in Digital Marketing


You are NOT your audience!

This is the first and most common mistake is to start using your own assumptions about something as how your customer would react. Just think of the last time you asked a friend “Did you see that thing on Facebook” and they answered no, everyone experiences Facebook differently because your Newsfeed is customized to your preference. This is the same for everyone out there receiving their own Newsfeed bubble, however what you must try to do is identify the experience that your target audience usually experiences.

This is where constant research and studying will make help you identify the behaviours of your target audience. Once you are able to correctly Identify your audience preferences and behaviours, you will be able to more specifically target your audiences for highly effective and engaging content.


TLDR: Understand your audiences and put yourself in their shoes and mindset when making content or ads.

2. Assuming English is The General Language for Everyone


It’s not always the best way to go!

Using English is definitely a good idea when coming up with a post, but this may not apply to every business out there. Once you have properly laid out your Customer Persona, you will will be able to figure out which language will resonate that specific segment of audience. This is where the most important and useful tool provided by Facebook makes a huge difference in Malaysia.


Your first step to adding Malay, Mandarin and Tamil to your posts!

If your page has consistently used English to post, it could be incredibly messy if create a post in a different language to boost. You could create an ad exclusively or you could use the Post in Multiple Languages option. Don’t forget to turn on this feature which you will find in the page settings on Facebook. This is because it will display the appropriate language depending on the preferences and settings of the user itself. This is a game changer if you wish to boost engagement posts while still keeping it friendly for your audiences who read other languages.  

TLDR: Make posts in multiple languages if you want to reach out to the greater population in Malaysia but create language focused ads for specific targets.


3. Planning Advertising Without Testing in Mind


Always Test multiple areas to improve your advertisements

For every dollar spent in your advertising should give you value and if nothing else, even a failed campaign will be a valuable paid lesson on what not to do. You should always test your campaigns, whether it is a difference in the creative, copy, targeting or audience demographics. With each test you may not discover a better solution but you might find the one that is less effective.

From my experience reaching constant adjustment and testing is the only way to really determine if your initial assumptions and research into your audience is valid. It helps you prepare for the unexpected and improve on your advertising campaigns.

TLDR: Constant testing and adjustments with analytics is the key to successful social media advertising.


4. Not Capitalizing On Current Trending Issues


Not Rendang But Sure Crispy

This is the one thing that could potentially boost your ad into the limelight or potentially even completely break your brand. The most important thing when approaching these topics is to make sure the situation or event is really very relatable to your brand. Forcing any random hot topic to your brand can seem overly promotional and end up backfiring. Once again, it is best to know your audience and work on the issue from an angle that they can relate to impactful & hilarious effect!

TLDR: Get in on Hot Topics with relevance to your industry/product without being too obviously promotional.

What does this mean for you?

While these basic ideas are just a part of the many Digital Marketing tips you need to successfully market your product or brand to the world, the number one difficulty that people face is the implementation. How would I implement this to my business? What exactly should I write my ads? Who should I be targeting?

Fortunately, we’re here to keep you up to date on all the latest news and tips of Digital Marketing to help make it easier for you to familiarize and really get Digital Marketing working for you!

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